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Our Approach

Whether this is your first home purchase, or your last, for most people, it is their LARGEST purchase or investment. Because of this, people take their home purchase very seriously, and so do I!  I started InSide-Out Home Inspection for two main reasons:

  1. To be of service to my community members by providing a professional service that helps them make one of the most important decisions of their lift; and
  2. Because I have always had a profound curiosity of the building industry and love to be involved in it. I simply can't get enough. 

Because of these reasons, I will ALWAYS give each inspection my undivided attention and utilize my years of experience to provide you with  thoughtful, professional insight into your new home.

Our Story

I received my introduction into the world of home construction back in college, working to pay my bills.  That's when I noticed that I was simply fascinated with how these marvelous structures were put together, and how they would eventually become homes to countless family. A place where a lifetime of memories would be made.  It took me a few years, and a few divergent careers to finally get back into the industry that I loved.  Being able to inspect houses for people, and helping them make the decision that will turn this house into a home, is honestly a dream come true for me.  For this reason, I am grateful for every individual that allows me the privilege of inspecting their home.  Thanks for your business! 

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