Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What information do I need when I call to make a home inspection appointment?

Here's some of the basic information needed for your initial booking call:

  • Name, current address, phone number, and email address
  • Address of home to be inspected
  • Type of home (condo, single family, duplex, etc.)
  • Square footage
  • Attached or detached garage?
  • Occupied or vacant
  • Are utilities (electric, water, etc.) on or off?
  • What day and time work best for you?

How much does a general home inspection cost?

InSide-Out offers a fair, competitive pricing structure based on square footage and age of house. 

How long does a general home inspection take and when will I receive my report?

Much like the pricing of an inspection, how long they will take depends upon the size of the home and its age.  Larger homes simply have more space to cover, and older homes have the potential for more inspection items to cover.  Generally speaking though, most homes can be inspected in a 2 - 3 hours time period.

How long does a radon test take and when can I expect the results?

Short-term radon tests, the kind generally utilized for real estate transactions, take at least 48 hours for the test to occur. Results can be read and interpreted directly after the test is performed with results being sent that day or the following morning.